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زيوت تشحيم بكر تصنيع سعودي على مستوى عالي

Date Published : Date Published: 07/03/2017 - Saudi Arabia
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MAKLUBE SAE 20W50 API SL is a multi-technology, new
generation, highest performance engine oil. Formulated
with highly rened base stock with additive system to
meet the requirements of virtually all gasoline-powered
engines in today’s market place. Its detergent,
dispersant and anti-foam additive technology resists the
formation of deposits and black sludge, thus allowing to
maintaining a clean engine.maintaining a clean engine.
MAKLUBE SAE 20W50 API SL gives outstanding control of
oil thickening, oxidation in hot climatic conditions and
superior protection against engine wear under most
arduous conditions.

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