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شركة قيشاني سورية خزفيات بلاط غرانيت دمشقي فاخر kashan syria

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21 st ,March,2011
- Syrian Arab Republic, Damascus
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One of the great crossroads of ancient civilizations is a broad peninsula that lies between the Black and Mediterranean seas.
This land is the Asian part of modern Turkey and lies across the Aegean Sea to the east of Greece and is usually known by its Greek name Anatolia. It was here in Anatolia and in the Middle East 6000 years ago that ceramics were made by artisans, but it was not until 1000 BC in MESOPOTAMIA, widely considered to be the cradle of civilization in the old land of SYRIA and IRAQ, that ceramics were first covered with a glaze. As the industry improved and spread to cities it was not until it arrived in Damascus in the times of Mamelouks in the fourteenth century, that the most amazing and beautiful tiles were produced by artisans. They decorated the tiles with colors, cobalt blue, green and turquoise and then covered them with an incredible layer of transparent glaze, fired into kilns at 1200C^o. Years later artisans in both Iznik and kutahya and Persia started to develop and master the ceramic craft especially in a Persian city called Kashan and that’s where from this craft took its name.
All the tiles you see on this website are manually made using the same techniques artisans used thousands of years ago, so everyone can enjoy this incredible art of KASHAN in the city of Damascus.
نحن : شركة صغيرة عشقت التاريخ و الفن و الخزفيات ووجدتهم مجتمعين في فن القيشاني العريق فراحت تدرس و تبحث و تعمل لسنين طويلة معتمدة على خبراتها في صناعة
الخزفيات و عشقها للفن و النبش بالتاريخ لتفخر بالتوصل لانتاج بلاطات القيشاني المماثلة تماماً لما أنتجه فنانو الماضي منذ مئات السنين
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