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بوتايل بوتايل جلايكول Butayl glycol

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2 nd ,August,2011
- Egypt, Cairo
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Butyl glycol is a high boiling point and low volatility liquid with a mild odour used as a solvent and starting material for synthesis. It is also an excellent co-solvent in aqueous coating systems. That is water based paints.
As a low volatility solvent - Butyl glycol can be used to extend the dry time of coatings and improve their flow especially for paints meant for brush application.
Butyl Glycol improves the properties of the paint by reducing the viscosity peak when oxidatively and physically drying water based paints. As a coalescing aid - Butyl glycol can significantly lower the minimum film forming temperature (MFFT) and improve flow in many physically drying paint systems.

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