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Universal Pharmaceutical Industries - Unipharma

Mohammad Adnan Maatouk and Co.
Universal Pharmaceutical Industries - Unipharma
"UNIPHARMA" was constructed in compliance with GMP standards in cooperation with experts from 18 multinational pharmaceutical companies for which UNIPHARMA manufacures their products under license. UNIPHARMA products are produced according to most current GMP rules and high pharmaceutical standards. ISO 9002 being awarded from "ASR". Quality, efficacy and safety of our produced medicines are our aim and concern. The satsfaction of medical, pharmaceutical professionals as well as patients is also our aim through innovations and continuous improvement of our production and processes. UNIPHARMA produces a wide range of pharmaceuticals covering main therapeutic categories.   Products and Services : الشركة العالمية للصناعات الدوائية يونيفارما شركة محمد عدنان معتوق وشركاه


عصام مستحضرات صيدلانية بشرية 5 31 710 العراق اليمن شاملة 6 967 4 223747 2608 226056 تعز الجمهورية اليمنية 1
عبده قائد الورافي [email protected]
0 964 7766286 7781181 7781467 بغداد الجادرية فلاح كمونة
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Bio : universal pharmaceutical industries unipharma mohammad adnan maatouk and co was constructed in compliance with gmp standards cooperation experts from 18 multinational companies for which manufacures their products under license are produced according to most current rules high standards iso 9002 being awarded asr quality efficacy safety of our medicines aim concern the satsfaction medical professionals as well patients is also through innovations continuous improvement production processes produces a wide range pharmaceuticals covering main therapeutic categories issam human 5 31 710 iraq yemen general 6 967 4 223747 2608 226056 taiz republic 1 mr abdu kaid al warafi [email protected] 0 964 7766286 7781181 7781467 baghdad jadriah falah kammounah

Contact Details

Commercial Name Universal Pharmaceutical Industries - Unipharma  
Name Issam Maatouk  
Address Damascus- Ashrafiat Sahnaya
Country Syria  
Phone +963-11-6712508 , +963-11-6712509 ,  
Fax  +963-11-6712507  
Web address www.unipharma-sy.com