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ابحث عن عمل ولدي مؤهل بكلوريوس سياحة وفنادق

Date published : Date published 02/09/2009 - Egypt, اي منطقة
Contact Details Contact Details
Curriculum vitae
Personal information:
Name : Ahmed Atef Abd El karim .
Address : 23 Dyaa St,El harm st, Giza, Egypt
Home Tel : +- +Mobile : +– +E-mail : [ إنظر Contact Details ]
Place of Birth :El Doky
Date of Birth :15/10/1988
Nationality :Egyptian
Marital status :single
Related Personal skills:
Interactive and Quick learner
High communication skills and can work in a group or individually according to the job requirements.
Self motivated and can work under pressure.
Educational Information:
- 2002:El Orman secondary school.
- 2005:faculty of Tourism And Hotels Fayoum university
- Department of Tourism Studies.
- B.SC. Travel and Tourism (Grade: G)- Accounting, Statistics.
- Computer.
- Public Relations, Social Science
- Business letter writing.
- Arabic: Mother Tongue.
- English : V. Good.
- Italy: Good.
Working experience:
- Augusttrainpee At Thomas cook(Counter),26th July St.
- Augusttrainee At ISIS Travel(Transfer man)
Related skills:
- Good knowledge of computer reservation
Available on request
Thank you for your time
I hope to hear from you soon ….

Requesting Job in : Kuwait

Requested Salary : بعد تحديد مجال العمل يتحدد الراتب
Notes : كل بياناتي مرفقة على الميل الc v

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