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السيرة الذاتية لصاحب خبرة محاسبية لاكثر من خمسة سنوات

Date published : Date published 15/05/2009 - Egypt
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FAX :+E-mail: [ إنظر Contact Details ]E-mail: [ إنظر Contact Details ]
- OBJECTIVES:- A challenge career leading to enhanced experience and effectively applying the experience of more than three years in the fields of accounting and computer. Aiming to improve my technical knowledge, business know-how, educational, interpersonal and communication skills.
Training: - - Has training at "Assiut Oil Refining Co. (ASORC)".- Has training at "Misr Insurance Co.".2003
Fahd Optics:-
- Duration: September 2004 till December.
- Company brief: company consist of nine branches cover all of Egypt that working at optical fields, as an accountant and in the same time sales man at "Assiut Branch"
Assiut University:-
- Duration: December 2004 till April, 30, 2005.
- Faculty of Commerce As a servant as a charge of computer unit in bachelorservices office. Brief Contact 088/ICE MAN Co. Red Sea Branch:-
- Duration: May 2005 up to now www.iceman.net.eg
- Company brief: Egyptian Co. For Food Industries (ICE MAN) is one ofHamsho Group companies in Syria. ICE MAN working in field of food industries(ice cream – chocolate – ships – biscuit).
- Fields of experience: Accountant – Prepare all financial statements manually &computerized. Also as a Cashier to be also charge on the treasury. Finallycharge on the fiscal count of the inventories & supervisor over stores followingup orders all over the branch. Brief Contact Tel/Fax 065/Pyramids State in Hurghada:-
- Duration: Jan 2008 up to now (Working shift of the night) www.pyramidsestate.com - Company brief: Co. which works in the constructions and marketing for realestate in all regions of red sea.
- Fields of experience: Chief Accountant Auditing. Brief Contact 065/Horizon Video film:-
- Duration: Des 2007 till Dec 2008.
- Company brief: Co. which works in the field of making services to the tourists,as making videos under water.
- Fields of experience: Chief Accountant. Brief Contact/(1) OF (2)E-mail: [ إنظر Contact Details ]E-mail: [ إنظر Contact Details ]- EDUCATIONAL LEVEL:
B.SC in business (May 2004) at Assiut University with Pass degree, Accounting section, English language program.
Subject studied:
Accounting (financial, corporation, partnership, specialized, cost, managerial, auditing, tax, advanced, and financial institution), computer studies management studies, statistics, economic studies, law, and politics).- SKILLS:
Excellent Sound commercial knowledge gained from my degree ranging across Spectrum disciplines in both fields accounting and sales, working hard under Pressures, working quickly on the computer, very good in accounting analysis, working with team work, expressing my self good, high interpersonal, presentation and communication skills .
Languages: Arabic: is the mother tongueEnglish: fluent
French: pass
Computer: 1- Excellent Working knowledge of the Microsoft windows, word,Excel, and Internet.- Excellent treatment with accounting program such as "MOTMEM".
3- I have the probability to making programs using my good knowledgewith Excel.
Hobbies: Driving car.
-Date of birth:th April 1983.
-place of residence:Assiut, Egypt.
-Marital status:Married and Ive one child.
-Military service:postponed.
E-mail: [ إنظر Contact Details ]
. E-mail: [ إنظر Contact Details ]
FAX: +. 23 EL Sadat ST. EL Sadat, Assiut, EGYPT
. Phone: Home +- Mobile +(2) OF (2)

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