plast care egypt

plast care egypt
Phone : Phone : 35614932
Country : Egypt
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plast care egypt
..Plastic Factory and company for fabrication of light plastic component to be installed for devices, machines, vehicle and all equipments need plastic part

Products and Services
lades care )
5- Make up Base Plate (MBP) Uses in ladies make up box Metal plate Cod 08010005 Makeup base plate

house care )
clasece base plate all it on metale We do it on plastec it is use as a number plate for a door of hotels offes & houses
1-CAR Reflection Pyramids (CRP) 1: 2-Light Reflection Pyramids (LRP) 2 double face color : all color available

Buisness Type : شركة تجارية
Products/Services Category : Chemicals Plastics
Products/Services Import Category : Plastics

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Commercial name plast care egypt
Name shakir ali
Country Egypt 
Phone 35614932
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