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Zerun Pharmaceuticl (Zerun) is a GMP ceritied manufacturer of Herbs extracts and Botanical Chemicals in China. Zerun has nearly 20 years experience on herbs proccessing, and has more than 500 kinds of herbs products listed in processing catalogue.Now a day, base on the techniques and experience on herbs extraction and purification, we can supply more than 500 kinds of Standard extracts and Botanical Chemicals. Meanwhile, we can do OEM work on your demand.
We have dominant advantages on Apple Cider Vinegar Powder (ACVP) which Zerun have the largest Market share in China, and Lotus leaves Extracts which Zerun can ofer complete series product, from Lotus leave Extract 2% (Nuciferine) to 99% Nuciferine crystall.
..More information, please visit our website: www.zerine.com.

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