Yingjun Liu

Yingjun Liu
Phone : Phone : 86
Country : China ,, Xiamen
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Xiamen Hanshang Elevator Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2003, gathering the international advanced technology. Our company adheres to innovating independently, pursuing excellent management, and maintaining the leading position in the market. Currently, our company has become a global sales-oriented enterprise, and created a lot of business miracles. Developing and innovating in progress, we will continue to provide you the high-quality products with the principle of "Enjoyment of the elevators up-and-down" and create more harmonious living space for the society.
Our idea
..The idea of pursuing an excellent enterprise is the motivity of our development strategies. In the process of enterprises development, we are facing the elevator market environment which changes continually. Based on customer-oriented, we develop the idea of creating a more harmonious living space and playing a fundamental guarantee for the sustained and rapid development of our company. We will continue to adjust our strategy to the internationalization advanced management idea and explore our idea actively which conforms to the needs of timely development.
Our performance
..Our company is facing the market, grasping the development opportunities of the industry and setting up the strategic development goals. With the best effort of all our staff, the production capacity is expanding unceasingly. And the market share has maintained the leading position in the industry, creating the new breakthrough of global annual production sales volume.
Technical research and development
..Our company abides by the technical development strategies of dynamic introduction and independent innovation, sets up the technical innovation system with the goal of "Produce a generation, develop a generation, research a generation" and stands in the forefront of elevator technological innovation with advanced consciousness.
Service industry
..Service innovation is the effective way to enhance the competitive power of manufacturing industry. In order to provide powerful accessorial service of elevator products, our company sticks to the idea of customer-oriented, speeds up the promotion and transformation of service strategy and creates the service brand which has its own characteristics by establishing the service idea of "My standard-your safe, my specialty-your reassurance, my creativity-your satisfaction".
Excellent management
..Our company unceasingly absorbs the advanced modes of business operation and management from the world, and strives to integrate with international advanced management. Through innovation, we set up the management mode which possesses the enterprise characteristics of quality-core, information-platform and overall management optimization to support the management and the operation of our enterprise.

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Passenger Elevator,Cargo Elevator,Sightseeing Elevator,Escalator,Medical Elevator,Machine Roomless Elevator,Automatic Sidewalks,Passenger Conveyor,Glass Exterior Commercial Elevator

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Name Yingjun Liu
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