Sphinx for Equipments Maintenance

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Country : Egypt
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HENAN DASWELL MACHINERY CO. - LTDChina. Henan - Zhengzhou - Nongye Road No.Contact: Diana Chen Mobile:www.daswell.com E mail: [ إنظر Contact Details ]Agents in Egypt. Sphinx for equipment and maintenanceCairo - Mohndssin - Dafa Tower - Square Sphinx
Contact: Hussein RashedMobile:+Email: [ إنظر Contact Details ]+Selling is not the end - but the beginning of the service.
Thanks by the good wishes. We would hope growth
a good Co- operation between our companies

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محطات خرسانة - مكسر SICOMA - وحدات نقل الاسمنت WAM سيارات نقل الخرسانة - مضخات خرسانة ثابتة ومتحركة DASWELL

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Commercial name Sphinx for Equipments Maintenance
Name سفنكس للمعدات والصيانة شركة ذات مسئولية محدودة
Country Egypt 
Phone 01001509224
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