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We, Shanghai Richem International Co., Ltd. is a dynamic and fast-growing chemical and pharmaceutical corporation with a solid technology foundation. With the whole team’s efforts and dedications since its foundation, Richem has developed to be an influential leading company in China Chemical and pharmaceutical markets.
..we could supply you as following:
..Hops Extract:30%,40%,50% alpha acid
..Oliver Extract Hydroxytyrosol HPLC 20%, 50%, 90%, 95%,98%,99%
..Tongkat Ali Extract 100:1, 200:1
..Saw Palmetto extract
..Cactus extract
..Kudzu extract
..Secosolariciresinol Diglucoside(SDG)
..Lutein Ester
..Echinacea extract
..Chlorogenic Acid
..Green Tea extract
..Centella asiatica extract: Asiaticoside
..Tribulus Terrestris extract
..Cranberry Extract 25% Proanthocyanidins(PAC), anthocyanin
..Grape Seed Extract 95% OPC,Polyphenols
..Tomato Extract Lycopene
..High purity Huperzine A
..High purity Cyclopamine
..Hops Extract 5:1,10:1, 20:1
..High purity Hypericin

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Hops Extract:30%,40%,50% alpha acid
Oliver Extract Hydroxytyrosol HPLC 20%, 50%, 90%, 95%,98%,99%
Tongkat Ali Extract 100:1, 200:1
Saw Palmetto extract
Cactus extract
Kudzu extract
Secosolariciresinol Diglucoside(SDG)
Lutein Ester
Echinacea extract
Chlorogenic Acid
Green Tea extract
Centella asiatica extract: Asiaticoside
Tribulus Terrestris extract
Cranberry Extract 25% Proanthocyanidins(PAC), anthocyanin
Grape Seed Extract 95% OPC,Polyphenols
Tomato Extract Lycopene
High purity Huperzine A
High purity Cyclopamine
Hops Extract 5:1,10:1, 20:1
High purity Hypericin

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