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SysPCB is a professional Prototype PCB Manufacturer. We can provide PCB Prototypes from 1Layer to 26 Layers, we also provide flex PCB even one piece of PCB Prototyping orders we can accept.
Advantages of SysPCB
1. The system is mature, as the current PCB market gradually standardized, SysPCB own environmental licenses and many industry production certification.
2. sophisticated production equipment, complete, strong technological capacity, with a variety of circuit board (PCB) technology capability to produce plating gold, HASL, Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, OSP, aluminum Core PCB, multilayer PCB, buried or blind hole PCB, impedance board, especially good power supply PCB, Heavy copper PCB, and other special circuit boards.
3. Value added service to the PCB industry, we can support from the PCB board design (including PCB circuit board copy board), PCB circuit board production (especially for PCB Prototype, Low volume PCB production, fast PCB manufacturing), components placement and other training services.
4. For fast PCB manufacturing, we can finish 1layer PCB, 2Layer PCB in 24Hours, 4Layer PCB in 48Hours, hope we can help in your electronics business.

Products and Services
Our products including single-sided PCB, double sided PCB, multilayer-sided PCB, HDI, FPC& Rigid-Flex PCB, from 1layer to 32layer. All products complied with IPC and UL standard.

SYSPCB was founded by PCB professionals; all our sales have PCB engineering experience. We offering newest technique and promote enterprise progress to meet customers satisfactions. Taking great efforts to concentrate on high quality, competitive pricing and fast service as well.

SYSPCB offers all kinds of special high technology of multi-layer circuits such as Metal Core PCB, High-Tg PCB, Heavy copper PCB, High frequency PCB,Mixed Dielectric base PCB, Hybrid PCB, Scale from prototype to mass production as well.

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