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Country : Sudan ,, Khartoum
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Brief Company Profile
Sudan occupies a distinguished location at the center of the African content .Its considered as an important location between northern, eastern and western African countries .This location has its influence in the international trade and tourism aspects.
This encouraged us strongly to introduce this company with a highly and well experienced personnel in the mentioned fields , a long with Sudanese share holders.
Company foundation
The company contained its legal aspect in the year 2008 by issuing Certificate of Incorporation No 33373.issued by Commercial Registrar General .it was also registered under the no 6173.and hence accordingly we got the license of Air Cargo Agent no 65 from S.C.A.A.
Company activities
So as to cover the various aspects mentioned at the introduction of the company profile, the company activities are briefed here under:-
Transportation of different cargo items from the international airports to Khartoum airport and vice versa .This includes also the domestic traffic from Khartoum to all airports of state cities and back traffic from them to Khartoum.
Receive and pack of parcels sent to various directions and prepare them for loading and issue of all documents concerned.
Handling of parcels and goods to the consignees through our offices /agents as mentioned by senders.
Storing of the cargo items and co-ordinate with the stores owners at Khartoum Area in case of import, export and transit items.
Co-ordination with the ground handling agents and companies for domestic and international services to all types of aircrafts.
Co-ordination with road transportation companies to transport the parcels and goods to all state cities.
Transportation of goods from various international ports to Port Sudan and vice vase.
Provide the required consultancy in the field of Air Sea and land transportation.
Assist in issuing of landing permissions, technical landings and over flying as requested by aviation and cargo companies through the appropriate contacts with S.C.A.A.
Issue of entry visas at Khartoum airport and reservation for air crews and passengers.
Provide the required transportation for crews and passengers through rent cars companies.
Provide all required services requested by domestic and international aviation companies for their flights.
Provide customs services and clearness at Khartoum airport and all other custom station (Suba, Port Sudan, Gari …..Etc).
Company organization
To cover all the above mentioned activities it was essential to have a compact effective organization which include well trained qualified and experienced personnel and this led to the
organization shown under :-

Products and Services
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Commercial name Nautical Mile Air Cargo
Name Nautical Mile Air Cargo
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Phone 00249183493174
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