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Winsar Infosoft Private Limited is a vibrant and dynamic Software Company operational since 2001 in India, headquartered in Chennai, dedicated to create and deliver world-class Software solutions for the Hospitality Industry, and perhaps the most preferred Software solution provider to the Hospitality Industry in the country.

Products and Services
WINHMS provides leading hotel software, extensive back-office software, trust accounting software, Restaurant POS software, Banquet Software, SPA software solutions to the entire hospitality industry.

WINHMS solution is a fully integrated suite of products consisting of customizable modules that can be easily added or expanded allowing effective and easy deployment from smaller operations to global, multi-branded hotel chain environments.

WINHMS offers flexibility of starting with any one or combination of these modules as per client needs and later add additional modules (plug & use) based on business expansion.

Alternatively the WINHMS Front Office modules can be integrated with other third party Back office products or WINHMS Back Office modules can be integrated with other third party Front Office products.

WINHMS comes in three distinct flavors, ensuring that no matter how small or big your business is, all the individual requirements are met. The offerings include

•WINHMS Express – for small & medium size Hotels

•WINHMS Professional – for large and medium size Hotels

•WINHMS Enterprise – for large Hotels and Hotel Chains

Apart from the above ERP integrated solutions, WINHMS offers the following stand-alone or partially integrated modules:
Engineering Management
Visitor Management
Task Management

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