ABEDAH FOR ISLAMIC CLOTING عابدة للزي الإسلامي

ABEDAH FOR ISLAMIC CLOTING عابدة للزي الإسلامي
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Country : Jordan
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Asslamualikum We ( Abedah ) factory for the manufacturing and embroidery of cotton fabrics, establishedin 1960. Abedah factory was and still is one of the largest cotton fabric exporters to the United States and Europe. In 1998, the factory expanded and a specialized factory for the design, production and trade of modern religious clothing and embroidery was established. The factory also has a specialized section for production of traditional clothing and a section that is able to meet the demands of other clothing factories in embroidery. We would like to deal with your website for selling our goods. Please surf our website;xxxxx We owe great gratitude to our Merciful Allah for enabling us to build good relations through out the years and having a great number of customers around the world. Looking forward to building a good relation with you. Jazakumallahu Khairan Wa alaikum salam wa rahmatuallah wa barakatoh. Abedah

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عباءات ، أثواب ، شالات ، حجابات ، دشاديش ......

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Commercial name ABEDAH FOR ISLAMIC CLOTING عابدة للزي الإسلامي
Name ADEDAH For Islamic Clothing
Country Jordan 
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