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sun flower oil for sale

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26 th ,September,2008
- Nigeria
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We are an established company in Cameroon and we are looking forward to get serious clients who can purchase our sun flower oil. We sell in small and large quantities including giving out samples to interested clients.we have recognition from SGS and magnificient shipping lines coming to cameroon.
   We have the capcity to ship to All World Shipping Ports (AWSP) at competitive prices We also wish to expand internationally. Below are tips on our Sunflower Oil.
    Sunflower Oil - Your Healthy Choice Healthy,natural sunflower oil is produced from oil type sunflower seeds.Sunflower oil is light in taste and appearance and supplies more Vitamin E than any other vegetable oil. It is a combination of mono unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats with low saturated fat levels.
    The versatility of this healthy oil is recognized by cooks internationally. Sunflower oil is valued for its light taste, frying performance and health benefits. There are three types of sunflower oil available; , and sunflower oil. All are developed with standard breeding techniques.They differ in oleic levels and each one offers unique properties. With three types of sunflower oil available, sunflower oil meets the needs of consumer and food manufacturers alike for a healthy and high performance non-transgenic vegetable oil.
     There are several types of sunflower oils produced, such as high linoleic, high oleic and mid oleic. High linoleic sunflower oil typically has at least 69% linoleic acid. High oleic sunflower oil hasat least 82% oleic acid. Variation in unsaturated fatty acids profile is strongly influenced by both genetics and climate. We shall appreciate any interested client get to us through our contact details on this site. We wish you the best in business.
     We will be waiting for you to get back to us for any more information about the purchase of our oil.

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we accept all form os payment.l/c tt bank to bank transfer money line

unvda oils limited
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