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24 th ,October,2007
- China
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Win600 freight elevator is equipped with the safe and reliable microcomputer control or PLC control. The traction system is equipped with VVVF vector control to make the start, acceleration, deceleration and stop of lift stable and comfortable. Zero-speed braking stop is used to greatly increase the leveling accuracy, reducing the noise and vibration of operation and save energy over 30% than traditional AC two-speed traction.
The door control system of Win600 freight elevator is equipped with the independently-developed converter door motor, to make the opening and closing of door stable, safe and reliable with low noise.
Stable Operation
Freight lift is provided with variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) technology for stable movement, braking and operation of elevator. It is applicable to different kinds of freight and automobile handing places.
Safe and Reliable
Freight lift is equipped with perfect safe protection device fully tallying with the requirements under GB7588 ‘Safe Rules for Elevator Manufacture and Installation’, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of elevator.
Accurate Leveling
Freight lift is provided with a variable frequency closed-loop and pulse signal control mode, to greatly increase the leveling accuracy of elevator, for the convenience of entry and exit of freight forklift or wagon and the convenience, flexibility and quickness of entry and exit of good.
Large Load Capacity
The design of car frame and platform of freight lift takes full advantages of the characteristics of freight and the requirements of large load capacity and good rigidity, to stick out the practicality of freight lift.
Energy-saving Performance
Vector control and VVVF control can save energy over 30% than general AC double-peed control.

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