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Skin Surgical Marker

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24 th ,April,2008
- China
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Skin Marker: Used in Radiology Research and Doctor Use, marking on patients’ skins before surgical and skin disease treatments! Ink is nontoxic and nonirritant, as they have confirmed to CE, FDA, and MSDS
certifications! Clear and safe use on skins!
Regular Color: Violet. Nib Size: 1.0 mm. Nib 0.8 mm/0.5 mm and other size can be offered by order production!
Clean and dry the skin firstly, and then use the Skin Marker for drawing!

Use iodide to disinfect the skin and fix markings!

Use the dilute alcohol to remove the markings!

Do not use a same marker with different person to avoid possible infection!
Cautiously use on mucous membrane or wounded skins; Please test with the patient who are sensitive to Gentian Violet


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