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5 th ,May,2007
- Taiwan
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This product which is named as Meizitang ZiSu capsule has same mechanism of appetite control as Reductil but without any side effect.
With modern technology
Meizitang ZiSu Capsule is made of the extracts from ZiSu(Perilla)
a plant growing in Yunnan
the kingdom of green vegetation
which has been recognized unique and been used for thousands of years. The capsule has food GMP standard certification and is proved to be safe and free of side effects.
Specification: 350mgx6pillsx5pcs
Usage & Dosage: 1time/day
1capsule/time (before or after breakfast)
Storage: Store in cool (room temperature)
dry and dark condition.
Valid Period: 24 months
Approval Code: YWSZ Z
Standard Employed: Q/KL2004-02
Producer: Kunming Lingcao Bio-technology Co.
General Franchiser: Kunming Dali Industry & Trade Co.
Address: No.372
West Renmin Road
Yunnan Province
Suited Communit:16-65.
Precaution: Not applicable for woman in pregnancy and patients of cordis-vasal disease and apoplexy
High Quality Product
Absolute Competitive Price
From China.
OEM/ODM available! Offer raw material!

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