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HDPE large caliber gas duct and water pipe production line

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11 st ,June,2008
- China
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large caliber gas duct and water pipe of HDPE large caliber gas duct and water pipe production line has the features of great rigidity and softness
heat proofing
aging resistance and high intensity of mechanization
anti environmental effect
moving resistance and heated connection. So they become the first choice for gas and water transportation in cities and play an important role in gas and water pipe supply system in cities.
Feature of production line:
large caliber gas duct and water pipe production line is a new type of pipe production line developed by Qingdao Fushun Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd by absorbing the newest advanced technology. It adapts to high extruding of material like PE
ABS and so on. It has beautiful appearance
high automation
stable and reliable production. It is widely accepted by lots of customers and is the best choice to replace the advanced imported production line.
Rapidly and effectively extruding single-screw extruder is designed specially for extruding PE material
assorted with low-noise wind machine and high speed hard -gear side speed-reduction box. The special open trough and cover with oil cooling system improves the compressibility and increases the ability of replenishing so that it improves the output. It has specially designed high output screw
can melt in low temperature
good plasticization effect and great effect of energy-saving.
Screw distributary extruding molder is specially designed for extruding PE material. The unique low pressure course spinal molder design guarantees the high plasticization extruding in low temperature of PE pipe. The specially designed the temperature-control of the molder core spinal guarantees good performance of PE pipe. According to different materials
the multi-layer molder has features of low cost and small flexibility. Its features of easy control and uniform extruding ensure melting pressure
stable flux and smoothness of the pipe appearance.
Label line: the pipe label line is extruded by a small single-screw extruder with composite molder.
Vacuum sizing water tank: with two-polar vacuum system (large caliber pipe)
advanced water circulation
high pressure cooling system
vacuum control device and accurate water temperature and level control system. The accurate tin bronze fixed-caliber cover has feature that it can cool and mold the pipe rapidly. Material of this water tank is mainly stainless steel.
Spraying cooling water tank: the long cooling water tank ensures the effective cooling of pipe; the unique pipe system shortens length of cooling. Material of this water tank is mainly stainless steel.
Traction machine: the special whole body transmission device avoid the asynchronism of independent transmission
different control methods ensure flexible and accurate orientation and directional

the accurate pressure adjusting system can adjust the traction. This equipment has unique structure and flexible operability; frequency conversion dynamo can adjust traction speed of this equipment.
Cutting machine: the full hydraulic pressure design of cutting machine ensures flexible pressure when cutted
and flexible adjustment of position of
saw blade and the cutting depth. The unique power input system ensures the reliability of planetary cutting. Low noise and mighty absorbing crumb system and unique no crumb cutting device can ensure no crumb cutting
Controlling system: it adopts one of the most advanced controlling systems of plastic machinery-PLC controlling system
which guarantees high-quality extruding of this equipment. PLC controlling system guarantees rapidly extruding
high accuracy and flexibly controlling networking function. Intelligent zed control makes this production line operated easily
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