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12 nd ,August,2010
- China
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uxi GreenYear Union Works
Co.,Ltd speciallizes in enzyme preparations including Glucoamylase, Medium temperature a-Amylase, Thermostable a-amylase, and Acid protease, etc.
General Description of Glucoamylase

Function and characteristics

Saccharifing enzyme, also known as glucoamylase, besides can hydrolyze a
-1,4 glycosidic bonds of starch from non-reducing end to produce glucose, and also can slowly hydrolyze a
-1,6 glycosidic bonds. At the branch of a
-1,6 bonds, it slice off a
-1.6 bonds first then slice off a
-1.4 linkages. Therefore, it can successively slice glucose unit of amylose from the non-reducing end to produce glucose.
Enzyme activity

Saccharifying enzyme (Liquid): 100,000u/ml
130,000 u/ml
Saccharifying enzyme (Solid): 50,000 u/g
100,000 u/g
150,000 u/g
Definition of enzyme activity: The amount of enzyme in one gram enzyme powder or one milliliter enzyme solution required to hydrolyze soluble starch to produce 1 mg glucose per hour at the condition of 40℃ and pH4.6 is defined as one unit of enzyme activity.
Application scope

This product is extensively used in the production of distilled spirit, rice wine, alcohol and beer, and in fermentation of antibiotics, organic acid, amino acids and vitamins when glucose is used as fermentation medium. This product is also widely used in the production of various kinds of glucose. In a word, it can be applied in the industries which need the enzyme to hydrolyze the starch and/or dextrin.

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