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Dongfeng T375 truck parts dongfeng 4251 dongfeng 3251 cummins engine parts

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11 st ,November,2011
- China
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We are Shiyan worfit industry &trade Co. - LTD is located in dongfeng commercial vehicle production base - shiyan city - hubei province - China. we main have dongfeng series commercial truck accessories and cummins B - C - M - N - L series engine.our company products - including the cab - body system - transmission system - braking
system - engine series.
spare parts of Dongfeng Part nameLeft Oil Cylinder Assembly-Double Cylinder Powered and Full Floating TypeFront clearance lamp assemblyPneumatic boosterFlywheel assemblyEngine oil by-pass valveExhaust valve oil sealOil transfer pumpFront crankshaft oil sealOil cooler coreConnecting rodWater temperature sensorWater pump
Preheating relayTransmission oil cooler assemblyOil seal seat and oil seal assembly thrushaft input endCylinder bodyAir valve closing pieceIntake rubber tube-supercharger intletRound head pin bossIntake inlet tube assemblyRelease shaft oil sealVibration damper assemblyCompression ringThermostatSynchronizer springWiper intermittent relay assemblyPush rodth gear assemblyCylinder magnet valve assemblyAuxiliary transmission sliding toothed sleeveSynchronizer spring.Fan supportRocker arm assemblyAir pressure gauge sensorOil cooler core sealing gasketPower steering gear assemblyEngine oil cooler seat sealing gasketPlug assemblyCombination switch assembly.Straight joint bodyFlexible fan ringEngine oil pumpValve - intakeValve - exhaustSupporting bead- planet gearWater inlet rubber tube- engineWater level sensorWater inlet rubber tube- radiatorEngine rear suspension cushion assemblyInput shaft retainer ringOil seal assembly - driving bevel gearPiston - engineBetweencenters differential and housing assemblyPin - pistonExhaust manifoldAccelerator control wire assemblyRod - engine connectingEngine front suspension cushion assemblyMetallic hose assemblyPneumatic ServoClutch release forkAuxiliary transmission oil storageGear compartmentCombination hoseCrankshaft gearSupporting bead- rear side gearHigh pressure pipeSeal - rocker lever coverRelease yoke shaft and release yoke arm assemblySeal - rocker lever cover.Cover - valveFlywheelHead - cylinderRight decoration cover- bumper barLeft decoration cover- bumper barLeft unhooking pin capRight steering foot lamp assemblyLeft steering foot lamp assemblyTappet ValveRod - pushCrankshaft - engine
Connection - ventGasket - hydraulic pump
Damper - vibrationTube - injector fuelManifold - fuelHead - lub oil filterClipTube - oil gaugePan - oil
Ring - compression pistRing - compression pist
Ring oil piston
Clamp - injectorTube - water outletTube - water inletCylinder headSecondary output shaft rear bearing
Range Shift ForkGear compartment coverBushingCriss-cross shaft- shaft differentialPlanet gear- betweencenters differentialFront side gearIntermediate axle driving cylindrical gearIntermediate axle driven cylindrical gearIntermediate axle driving bevel gear
Supporting bead- front side gearSupporting bead- half axle gearSemi-shaft gear -- bevel gear differentialSupporting bead- planet gearPlant gear -- bevel gear differentialCriss-cross shaftLeft steering knuckleRight knuckle steering assemblyRear side gearBetweencenters differential housingDriving spur gear assy. (coordinating with driven spur gear)
Return spring assemblyDriven spur gear – tandem axle(coordinating with driving spur gearrd and 4th gear fixed tooth adapterIntermediate shaftSecond shaft front lock nutnd-3rd SeatAuxiliary high gear synchronizing ringAuxiliary high gear synchronizer taper ringSeconday shaft rear retaining nutAuxiliary high gear seal ringnd Speed Gear Assy.th Speed Gear Assy.MainshaftGearbox first shaftCamshaft gear wheelWater outlet rubber tube- radiatorSwitch assembly - clutchPiston cooling nozzleCrankshaftAir compressorAir compressor gearFront oil seal seatEngine oil filterCylinder gasketPiston crownSupercharger sealing gasketStraight joint body
High pressure pipeRocker boxAir valve rocker arm bridgeValve cage coverRubber tube-AConnection rubber tubeOutlet pipe- intercoolerFan ringRight lower bracket assembly for fan ringRight pole support assembly-domeUpper pole support for dome
Lever - rocker assy (include 4-11)
Gasket - gear cover
Bearing - crankshaft
Connection - oil filterSupport - camshaft thrustGasket - cylinder head
Block - cylinder (include 1-9)Fuel pump gear
Exhaust manifoldHeating air conditioner controllerassembly-with AC switchLEngine assemblyFuel strainer seat assemblyFuel injection pump
Pump - waterCombined meter assembly - Euro IILeft lower foot pedal shieldDecoration cover-left lower foot pedalRight lower foot pedal shieldDecoration cover-right lower foot pedalLeft side bumper bar assemblyRight side bumper bar frame assemblyRight unhooking pin
capRight unhooking pin capBumper bar lower gridLeft foot pedal- bumper barRight foot pedal- bumper barCenter foot pedal- bumper barClose-proximity exterior rearview mirror assemblyManual rearview mirror assembly-passenger side - externalFront armrest assembly-roofVibration damper assembly- front suspensionSpring vibration damper assemblyLeft side apron board assemblyRight side apron board assemblyReflector assemblyMultifunction buzzer assemblyRear suspension left upper bracket with rubber sleeve assemblyRear suspension right upper bracket with rubber sleeve assemblyLeft hydraulic lock plunger assemblyRight hydraulic lock plunger assemblySupport assy. - with bracket and grillingFront right suspension springFront left suspension springLeft overturning bracket with combination sleeve assembly technical subassemblyRight overturning bracket with combination sleeve assembly technical subassemblyTrailer Valve Steadying Bar AssemblyIntake Pipe Assembly - MufflerRear Muffler Intake Pipe
AssemblyLeft Overturning Arm with Rubber Sleeve AssemblyRight overturning arm with rubber sleeve assemblyFront suspension left upper bracket assembly
Front suspension right upper bracket assembly
Muffler assemblyBase frame (right)Rear air intake tube assy.Air filter assy.Left Elbow joint bracket assembly
Right Elbow joint bracket assemblyBumper bar bracket assemblyWheel tire bead assembly
Air filter assemblyIntake rubber tube- air filter outlet.Oil pump assembly (manual)
Travel recording meter assemblyHandle assembly-right doorSteering transmission gear with regulator assemblyLeft meter board bodyRear fog lamp switch assemblyLeft front mudguardRight front mudguardUpper limit seatIntake connectorSide marker lamp assemblyFront right braking adjustable arm assy.Front left braking adjustable arm assy.Automatic adjusting arm assemblyFan ass’yAir compressor intake pipeAir compressor outlet pipeFuel delivery pipePipe bracketCore - coolerPump - lubricating oilIntake manifold assembly - mufflerExhaust brake valveShroudIntermediate shaft front retainer ringIntermediate shaft rear bearing
adjusting washerPush-in type auxiliary transmission shifting forkPush-in type auxiliary transmission fork shaft assemblySectional type auxiliary transmission fork shaftst - 2nd - 3rd and 4th gear shift fork shaftst - 2nd - 3rd and 4th shifting forkOil storage trayOdometer driven gearRear coverAir handling unit function assemblyOil cleaner assemblyHydraulic steering pumpclutch driven disc assemblySilicon oil fan clutch with fan assembly.Cowl assembly.Tensioner assemblyGear speed sensorFuel level sensor assemblyAir filter blockage sensorTransmission switchTrailer brake valveLoad sensing valve assemblyABS magnet valve assemblyBrake valve assemblyStarterAir intake connectorOil strainer seatOil pan sealing gasketAccessory driven pulleyInlet and exhaust guidanceOil atomizerIntake raceExhaust raceLeft rear tail lampRight rear tail lampRear bearing cover oil sealFront wheel hub oil seal assemblyRear wheel hub oil seal assemblyOil seal assembly-output endOil seal seat and oil seal assembly output endCompositive alarm controller assemblyPower master switchLeft door glass riser (powered)Wiper motor assemblyFront left brake adjusting arm assemblyFront right automatic adjusting arm
assemblySteering knuckle king pinUpper sleeveLower sleeveBetweencenters differential switch assemblyBearingRange Output ShaftReverse gearSectional type auxiliary transmission synchronizer springElectromagnetic switch ass’yCriss-cross shaft assembly (including 2-5)Fly wheel housingAdjusting shimFlange nutPreheating controller assemblySeal - valve stemHosest Speed Gear
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Commercial name sell dongfeng T375 truck partsdongfeng 4251dongfeng 3251cummins engine parts
Name Lance Wong
Address NO.16,Guangzhou road,Auto Parts Center ,Shiyan city, Hubei Province, China.
Country China 
Phone 8255505-719-0086
Fax 8255505-719-0086
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