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AluminumPlastic composite plate APCP Production Line

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12 nd ,August,2008
- China
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Sell Aluminum-Plastic composite plate (APCP) Production Line Main Technical Parameter: Models JHE1600 JHE1800 Screw diameter (mm) Φ150 Φ170 Center High (mm)Line speed (mm) 0-5 0-5 Actual power (kw/h)products Width (mm) ≤1300 ≤1600 appearance size (mm) 42000X3600XX3600X2000 Function and uses: TheJHE1600.JHE1800-DAluminum-PlasticComposite Production Line produced by our company is a special production line for making new metal-plastic composites (APCP). After the thermal compounding process by Polymer adhesive film - APCP is generated by the coating-aluminum and polyethylene (PE) core material. APCP is not only characteristic of light - sound and thermal insulation - fire prevention - weathering - high intensity - rich and stable colors - easy to install - but also is beautiful - luxurious. That means APCP is of both practicability and decorative. . Performance characteristics : Depending on the experience in designing and producing APCP production lines for many years - absorbing the latest technologies of similar products at home and abroad extensively - TheJHE1600.JHE1800-DAluminum-Plastic composite production line is developed successfully by our company. It is the sixth-generation vacuum exhaust line. And its performances has achieved - some even surpassed the level of similar imported products. The production line is of forming-once - easy to operate - stable characteristics. A、Vacuum Exhaust plastic extruder is equipped in the mainframe - which ensures that the gas generated by the heated materials can be discharged - so the bubble can be overcome. The quality of Chip is thus improved for the treatment. Both screw and barrel use 38GRMOALA steel of high quality - and both of them experience sophisticated design and nitriding process . B、Racks Plates special steel mold is produced by high-quality steel mold - Chromium Plating cavity surface smooth as a mirror - with its product thickness and width using manual adjustment bolts; the hydraulic network with hydraulic device is kept for machine network. Special flow design and temperature control device can guarantee fixed temperature - fixed speed - discharging stability. C、Three roller-ray machine uses import quality seamless steel pipe with its roller Specifications Φ 400*1500MM - wall thickness 35MM - quenched roller surface to ensure substrate hardness HR55. the is vertical - using imported Gearbox transmission and converter to control three –Roll rack and traction . D、Equipped with the unique hot composite units - the auxiliary can directly compound aluminum sheet with 0.026---0.5MM thickness. AS a revolution over shearing machine used in the past year - the perfect slitting machine may save a lot of manpower and reduce products cost directly. On the line there is intricate leveling machine - depending on which the composite plate can be produced without any leveling.
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Single Screw Plastic Extruder

, Single Screw Plastic Extruder
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