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Sell Y60 Portable Low Dose Xray Fluoroscopy Machine 

Sell Y-60 Portable Low Dose X-ray Fluoroscopy Machine Features: 1. It realizes real-time observation without dark room and protection. 2. High gain, high sensitivity, high space resolution, easy operation. 3. Lowest x-ray dose, safe and credible
[ 16-7-2012 China ]

Xray Inspection System 

Model: R&G -8065 ------ Ideal selection for big heavy packages. Typical Steel penetration:34mm X-ray Inspection System is the ideal solution for screening parcels, briefcases, handbags, backpacks or cabin-b
[ 29-6-2010 China ]

Denta Lab developing Xray film automatic processor MB502 

Name:Film Processor Features * Produce technology: The out casing are made of plastics mou
[ 8-5-2009 China ]

A new generation of the lower radiation dental xray unit M 

Name: A new generation of the lower radiation intelligent controlled X-Ray unify Characteristic 1.Three kinds of KV adjustments. Satisfy different of the requirements, easy operation. 2. With micro-processer reasonable setting can be set according t
[ 8-5-2009 China ]

Medical xray wet film 

Kodak Fuji Agfa Konica Sony OEM Kodak DVB ; DVB+; EIR-7; EHG-7; HQB; Fuji DI-HL ; DI-AT ; DI-AL ; DI-HT ; Agfa DT-2B ; D-T1B ;LT-2B ; DM1B ;DM2B; Konica SD-P ; SD-PC ; SD-Q ; SD-PM Origin in USA /Japan /Europe/ China
[ 30-3-2009 China ]

Low Dose Dental Xray Unit 

Features: -No protective operation rooms needed when installing the complete machine; -Flexible adjustment the position and angle of the handpiece, simple and easy to handle -Develop dental film in daylight, no dark room needed -Compact in volu
[ 6-3-2009 China ]